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BrightStep Partners

BrightStep Partners is a boutique strategy and implementation firm for nonprofit organizations considering, implementing and using the platform. We specialize in delivering solutions for environmental, justice and advocacy organizations.

Trusted Experience

BrightStep Partners are highly-skilled and respected consultants, technologists, and seasoned nonprofit sector veterans with a combined more than 30 years experience. Known for our deep Salesforce skills paired with transparent advice, BrightStep Partners have been trusted advisors to leading organizations and active participants in the community of nonprofits using BrightStep Partners is a Salesforce.Org Impact partner and NTEN Member organization.

Salesforce Expertise

The BrightStep team will bring technical capabilities and best practice knowledge to your implementation from our depth of experience implementing the platform and broad exposure to nonprofit operations. Thought partner and technical ally to inform and build your impact tracking strategy, donation and grant cultivation, membership management, and other programs - as well as educate you regarding pitfalls to avoid.

Holistic View

BrightStep Partners approaches every project with an eye toward your bigger aspirations, goals, and organizational capacity. We’ll help you understand Salesforce, and how it fits into a broader strategic and technological plan. We’ll advise you on the broader issues that might affect your project success (like multiple integrations, user adoption, executive sponsorship and unclear internal processes) and help you place those in a context that fits your future programmatic goals.

Over 20,000 nonprofits use Salesforce to manage their programs and constituents.

BrightStep Services

With BrightStep Partners, nonprofits get powerful insights and clear Salesforce solutions that are embraced internally and provide context as part of a broader vision for your organization.

Why to choose us

Our team implemented Salesforce for dozens of leading nonprofit organizations and has more than fifteen combined years experience on the platform. We’ll approach your project with thoughtfulness and urgency. We provide project management, application selection, data migration, Salesforce configuration, training, and third-party vendor selection and integration (such as a tool for mass emailing).

You will undoubtedly come to us with the pain of something that needs fixing, yesterday. As seasoned former nonprofit leaders, we hear you loud and clear! While we will always help you meet your immediate needs, BrightStep Partners also takes a unique approach: we build a component of strategy into every project so that you know not only what it will take to fix this issue, but you’ll leave with a roadmap for how this project fits into transforming your organization’s management of programs and constituents. We’ll identify any potential stumbling blocks, and make sure the solution lends itself to scalability with your broader organization and its goals.

Data Migration can be one of the most time-consuming parts of a project, for both client and consultant. We’ll do an initial review of your data before we kick off the project, and clarify roles for data cleansing. We will carefully migrate your data into Salesforce standard and custom objects and customize the platform for your organization’s unique needs.

Many tools that might have been included in your former software may need to be purchased separately if you’re using the Salesforce platform. In addition, the power of Salesforce lies in its independent "App Exchange" of thousands of add-on products that can be added as a layer on top of your Salesforce instance. We can help you evaluate advocacy apps, mass email vendors, donation and peer-to-peer fundraising tools, form and application products, events and discern pros and cons of each for your needs, and help you determine the right tools for the right jobs.

With a roadmap in hand, you’ll know the next steps for your organization’s communication, measurement and tracking needs. Our partnership doesn’t end when the project is complete - we will work to determine the support you need to ensure successful transitions for the new tool(s). BrightStep Partners helps you cultivate a staff person within your organization to maintain and customize your Salesforce instance. Then when you’re ready, we’ll partner with you to add the next layer of organizational efficiency and deeper cultivation (or we’ll empower you to do it yourself!).

Have you been using Salesforce for a while, and it’s become a convoluted mess? As it was put to us once, “Salesforce is the most complicated Rolodex our organization uses.” Are staff starting to track their own secret spreadsheets on the side? It’s time for a BrightCheck. We’ll evaluate your current instance, talk with your users and stakeholders, let you know what clean-up is required inside Salesforce, help you understand where you want to go with the platform and roadblocks in this path, and how it can again fit into your larger organizational goals.

We drive success by placing projects firmly in the context of broader organizational goals.

BrightStep Leadership


Megan Himan

Founder & Principal

Megan Himan has over fifteen years experience in the nonprofit sector and over ten years working on the platform. She has a unique combination of deep technical skills paired with an ability to strategically convene groups, coach executives and leadership through transitions, and execute on project deliverables. Building on her nonprofit experience at Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, Megan was Managing Director at the Oakland Business Development Corporation. She spent three years directing client services for a nonprofit-focused Salesforce firm before founding BrightStep Partners.

Megan is a certified Salesforce Administrator, Advanced Administrator, Sales Cloud Consultant and Community Cloud Consultant. She graduated with honors from Stanford University. In August 2015 she was recognized by the Salesforce Foundation as a Community Hero for her contributions to the advancement of nonprofits using

"Megan approaches her work with creativity, patience and care, and is committed to understanding our business needs first, and then translating those into our systems."

Our Clients

Gina Acebo

Akonadi Foundation

"Hired to conduct a diagnostic review, BrightStep helped us understand the big picture of where we wanted to go, and provided a detailed project plan to get there. They helped us understand what questions we needed to ask ourselves as a foundation, and how that translated into the database. Thanks to Megan and Tracy's strong technical skills combined with great communication and strategic insight, we feel equipped and confident to move forward in our Salesforce work. We'd highly recommend them.”

Josh Wait


"BrightStep Partners has the kind of expertise that includes both a deep technical knowledge of how Salesforce works and a deep understanding of how businesses operate. BrightStep Partners provided timely responses, clear insight, and effective delivery all with a good sense of humor. Our project landed on time and on budget. I highly recommend BrightStep Partners."




Our Partners


  • We help leading nonprofits work more effectively and strategically using the platform.
  • We drive alignment and adoption using a project as a transformative moment to understand a nonprofit’s underlying needs and priorities, and collaboratively shape those into real solutions.
  • We advance success with a combination of strategic guidance and deep technical expertise, with an eye toward long-term sustainability.


  • We are honest, accountable and compassionate
  • We pursue growth, for ourselves and for our clients
  • We are strategic and holistic
  • We lift as we climb - making space to learn from and share with others